A sustainability indicator is any economic, social, political, or biological element that provides information about certain aspects of the natural world, environmental policies or other related economic and social factors. A sustainability indicator system enables us to make strategic, environmental and social decisions and helps us to turn this information into action.

The INDICADORESSOSTENIBLES.COM tool is based on the GRI (Global Report Initiative), the international guide more used for sustainable development and indicator guidelines. The tool is supplemented with industry specific indicators.

The aim of the tool is to evaluate sustainable behavior and to provide us with information in order to ascertain whether our organization has the ability to meet the established requirements, whether these be legal requirements or ones to which the Management or third parties must adhere.

The results of all the data entered in the tool, allow the generation of in-house reports of an establishment and/or anonymous comparative graphs with other companies using the tool, as well as allow big companies getting a central or corporate user with access to all the organization establishments and generating corporate reports.

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